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The music label that feels like family 💽 Aundy Crenshaw of Dirtybird Records

Episode Summary

Aundy Crenshaw is the COO/CMO/CFO of Dirtybird Records, a house music label with a rabid following. Home to "America’s Best DJ" Claude VonStroke and a roster of equally addictive DJs, Dirtybird has translated a community’s passion for music into events that have the best vibes and make fans want to keep coming back. In this episode, Aundy explains how Dirtybird cultivates a community that feels like a family, both within the label and with its fans, all with a small team and budget. Plus, she shares her own personal journey about how she turned an uncertain future into a career that has made her one of the most influential women in music.

Episode Notes

“Treat people like they're part of the brand, because they are the brand.” - Aundy Crenshaw

Where do you find the funkiest, dirtiest, most addictive house music around? Look no further than Dirtybird Records.  

Aundy Crenshaw and her husband, Barclay Macbride Crenshaw (better known as DJ Claude VonStroke), have translated this style and sound into a community vibe that comes alive at their events. Together, they have gathered a group of artists that feel like family and fans that are their greatest advocates. 

In this episode, Aundy and our "Get Together" Correspondent Mia Quagliarello start at the roots of Dirtybird Records and move into the new challenges they face today in keeping their community banded together while apart. The ethos at Dirtybird has always been to “treat people like they're part of the brand, because they are the brand.”

Aundy and the small but mighty team at Dirtybird are a testament to the fact you can’t fake the funk. When you pinpoint your people, genuine passion attracts passionate people. Hear more from other community leaders about stage 1 in getting your people together, 🔥sparking the flame:

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